Marriott: Strategy Work

Various examples of strategic work done while at Marriott are presented here. Sensitive and confidential content has been blurred.

As much as I learned about product development and gained some great professional and industry experience at Marriott, I was most intrigued by the opportunity to inform and foster strategic conversations – My task was to visualize concepts and ideas to help senior managers and executives imagine the future of travel toward the end of my experience at Marriott.

Some of these documents have made their way across the organization. One of these was also carefully crafted with the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy over many weekends. They have been cultural artifacts to help make arguments about the future of the organization during a time when the organization had yet to embrace digital as a comprehensive, beyond-marketing strategy. It was also during a time when Marriott as an organization had yet to embrace “design thinking” – now they do.

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How design thinking drives Marriott’s digital strategy