Architekton (from archai, “first” and tekton, “a craftsman”) is a chief artisan or constructor, a master designer, someone who sits close to the foundational principles of the art and activity of production.

About me

Hi, I’m Kip – a designer, scholar, and executive working in healthcare. I also serve as an editor of the journal, Design Issues, published by MIT Press.

 I am one of the passionate voices in the field of leading by design, having been a featured speaker on the topic of design management, design, innovation, and user experience at various conferences. I have also taught design and innovation to designers, engineers and MBA students.

I’m a closet introvert who likes to rock the boat.

I think of myself as one of the “experience makers” described by Toffler in Future Shock, “world-makers” described in Hunter’s To Change the World, and “system changers” in Schwartz & Sharpe’s Practical Wisdom.

My wife would tell you I’m a purist. I love used hardcover books, freshly ground coffee, low-humidity weather, and a good conversation.