Crash: Information Visualization

This is a visualization of the film, Crash, that captures the essence and emotion of the work using sound.

An artifact containing complex information was assigned; I was given Paul Haggis’ film, Crash. The assignment was to explain its information space to someone unfamiliar with the piece. What is the essence/idea of the film in a short three minute presentation?

My piece is an emotional narrative of the motion picture using the various sounds from the piece: characters’ words as well as  noises throughout the film.

When I watched Crash, I felt the experience was a combination of emotional sensations and also the intellectual realization of the realities of racism. The emotional experience left the strongest impression.

When I tried to break down the experience, I felt that sound played a key component. Sounds from the film can be described in terms of words, levels, and intensities that are channeled through various characters.

After breaking down the parts, I tried to build the experience back up into a whole.