Architekton (from archai, “first” and tekton, “a craftsman”) is a chief artisan or constructor, a master designer, someone who sits close to the foundational principles of the art and activity of production.

About me

Hi, I’m Kip – a designer, student of management, and explorer of complex systems. I work at the cross section of design and organizations and also serve as an editor of the journal, Design Issues, published by MIT Press.

I’ve spoken on design, innovation and user experience at Adaptive Path’s MX Conference, the inaugural Service Design in Tourism Conference, and TEDxCLE, to name a few. I’ve also taught classes on design and systems thinking to MBA, engineering and design students.

I’m a closet introvert who likes to rock the boat.

I think of myself as one of the “experience makers” described by Toffler in Future Shock, “world-makers” described in Hunter’s To Change the World, and “system changers” in Schwartz & Sharpe’s Practical Wisdom.

My wife would tell you I’m a purist. I love used hardcover books, freshly ground coffee, low-humidity weather, and a good conversation.

Older work here (requires Adobe Flash): /kipworks